Grennan and Sperandio and Panaz

Working together for nearly 30 years after meeting at the University of Illinois, Chicago in 1988, graphic artists, Simon Grennan and Christopher Sperandio have worked with Museum of Modern Art New York, Channel 4 Television and English Heritage, among many others.

The internationally-renowned duo are working with Burnley-based Panaz, one of Europe’s leading and most innovative suppliers of high quality decorative fabrics and wall coverings for hospitality, healthcare and corporate sectors.  

Using Panaz’ personnel archive at the company, Grennan & Sperandi will investigate four employees and their families to develop patterned fabrics and wallpaper for a specific use in their own homes, drawing on an illustrating their life experiences.



How would you describe yourself and what you do to a stranger?

I’m half of an international fine art studio based in north Wales and Houston, Texas, called Grennan & Sperandio. We arrange for people to work with us to do things that they don’t usually do.

What does ‘making’ mean to you?

‘Making’ means thinking about and producing connections between things, ideas and people.

How did you learn to do what you do?

Grennan & Sperandio trained together at the University of Illinois at Chicago. We’ve been developing our ideas and skills since 1990.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome and how did you do it?

For us, creativity means crossing existing boundaries, and that’s always a challenge, particularly as other people’s experiences are at the heart of what we do.

Where do you find inspiration?

We’re constantly engaged, surprised and inspired by glimpsing other people’s ways of life and joining in other people’s life experiences.

What is your proudest moment and why?

We’re proud every time we manage to get together with other people to take a small step with them into the unknown.

What’s the best piece of advice you have received and the best you can give?

Best advice taken was: keep working. Best advice given would be: appearances are important.

What’s your claim to fame?

Fame depends on knowledge! We’re pretty famous with some people, notorious with others and generally, not famous at all. We’ve had a couple of television series on air, if that counts? It probably doesn’t.

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