The Landscape in Colour



Colour mapping in Blackburn’s Central Library


This mobile application is a colour capture tool for iOS devices linked to a dedicated web-site.  It is a prosumer interface application that has been funded by the Centre for Design Informatics at Edinburgh University and the Art and Design Research Institute at Middlesex University.

‘Colourground’ is a long-term research collaboration, exploring the harmonic relationship of natural colour values to place identity. The ambition of the project is to produce global colour observations from mass engagement. This conference workshop is a launch opportunity for the app.

The primary source of colour information is photography; a means of linking colour experience to location. The application database stores colour references in a variety of formats; this data can be viewed and shared via a connected website. Earlier residency projects have suggested that Cultural applications of colour in urban spaces and contexts naturally align to concepts of place identity; particular landscapes have produced palettes of both pigment and dye that function as abstract representations of place and, possibly, time.

At the festival…

Visitors will have the opportunity to use their iphones and ipads to capture colours in the library, and around the festival site using a phone app called Colourground.

Using the free iOS phone app ‘Colourground’, festival visitors are invited to capture abstract colour swatches from Blackburn Library shelves by copying the arrangement and order of the stripes of colour on book ends.

The ‘Colourground’ app allows users to photograph their environment and then isolate and share colours. The mission is to catalogue as many colours as there are bookends in the library. The workshop provides an overview of the project and initiates a new artwork that will seek to plot locally sourced colours onto a world-wide map.

Part of a longer-term project to develop Blackburn’s very own colour palette, artists Paul Haywood (Central St Martins) and Maxine Kennedy (Plymouth) will produce large, digitally printed posters themed around a number of short titles that relate to the organization of books on shelves.

12th - 13th May 2018 | Blackburn, Lancashire

The National Festival of Making Delivery Team


The National Festival of Making is supported with funding from Arts Council England, Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council and Heritage Lottery Fund