11th & 12th June 2022

Create Hypnotic Art with Nick Sayers

Come and draw hypnotic animations and geometric patterns using record players, mobile phones and repurposed bicycles. 


This fun workshop is a modern take on classic zoetrope or ‘phenakistoscope’ paper animations. Phenakistoscopes are circular animation sequences that are brought alive when spun on a turntable and filmed on digital video. Nick will take you through the process of drawing your animation sequence on paper before placing it on the record player and hitting play! Watch the animation come to life through the camera of a mobile phone. 


Whilst you’re here, be sure to try out the Spirograph drawing machines made from bicycle parts. Spirographs are complex geometric flower patterns – different variations are created by changing bike gears. 


These workshops are run by Nick Sayers, a science-inspired artist who uses recycled and repurposed materials to reveal the magic, maths and mechanics of everyday life.



2019 Trusts & Foundations

The National Festival Of Making Delivery Team

The National Festival of Making is supported with funding from Arts Council England and Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

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