11th & 12th June 2022

Jamie Holman: The Lancashire Tapestry

A county built on an industrial landscape of cotton, weaving and mills is preserved in the material of its own making in a tapestry woven in Lancashire. Responding to archival and donated images of the Queen’s visits to the county, Jamie redraws and then weaves these memories as fibres to form this textile artwork.


Holman visits and revisits museums and galleries in his research and deeply considers the way we record and archive our stories. As contemporary history becomes digitised; increasingly relying on video and photographic representations, Jamie returns to our global traditions of documenting stories through textiles across banners, samplers and weavings. The Lancashire Tapestry runs for 19 metres and features 7 sections representing each decade of this unique reign, in a nod towards both the Bayeux, and The Devonshire Hunting Tapestries.

To accompany this, the voices of 70 people who have lived the 7 decades of the Queen’s reign can be heard in an orchestral score, designed by Joe Fossard. Over 6 months Holman travelled across Lancashire, collating ‘human stories’ with recollections, nostalgia of Lancashire, their lives here and of the monarch in an emotive rendering of our diverse Lancastrian communities and the extraordinary individuals who best remember her lifetime of service. 

A monarch who has sat with every Prime Minister from Churchill to Johnson and has devoted her life to the nation. This soundscape is a poetic rendering of her, her people and her nation.

2022 marks the momentous occasion of Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years of service to her people and the Commonwealth. The first British monarch to reign for seven decades; the Lord Lieutenant Lord Shuttleworth and his previously appointed Deputy Lieutenants; Tony Attard and Dennis Mendoros created a visionary opportunity to celebrate our monarch; and the people she has devoted herself to.

Appointing artist Jamie Holman to deliver an artistic response to the extensive dedication and leadership Queen Elizabeth II has provided to the nation; they generated sponsorship from Lancashire’s entrepreneurs and philanthropists to support the work of the Community Foundations of both Lancashire and Liverpool and Merseyside; and for Jamie to create an incredible legacy artwork for the archives of Lancashire.



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