11th & 12th June 2022

Bike Spirograph

Draw miniature outlines of your friends with a Giant Pantograph.


Discover the engineering, maths and art in cycling with geometric drawing machines made from old bicycles. Made from familiar bike parts, these contraptions demonstrate the magic of maths and mechanics with exciting interactive mechanisms such as:

  • Draw 1.5-metre Spirograph patterns in sand using an old bike
  • Draw Spirograph patterns on square art paper using an old bike
  • Draw large Spirograph patterns in sand or paint using a toddler bike
  • Draw geometric ‘Lissajous’ patterns with an old bike on the ‘Bicycle Harmonograph’
  • Draw Spirograph patterns on paper using bike cogs
  • Draw miniature outlines of your friends with the ‘Giant Pantograph’
  • Draw a poster-sized copy of your hand with the ‘Enlarging Pantograph’



2019 Trusts & Foundations

The National Festival Of Making Delivery Team

The National Festival of Making is supported with funding from Arts Council England and Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

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