11th & 12th June 2022


Traysway saw the factory-floor movements of ten Cherrytree Bakery staff woven into a unique 15-minute choreography. Their singular performance echoed the physicality of the factory, past and present.

Film by Wash Design, commissioned by Creative Lancashire

Art In Manufacturing has meant I have been able to collaborate and choreograph in a unique way… how else would I have found a factory full of dancing bakers?


Inspired by Rudolph von Laban’s work with Viennese workers in the 1930s – instilling movement principles in production lines to influence efficiency and wellbeing – choreographer Ruth Jones led ten employees from Cherrytree Bakery away from the production of brownies and Chorley Cakes to perform a 12 minute choreographed performance based on authentic movements from the bakery floor.

Jones set up a ‘Movement Club’ for bakers to attend at work, supporting and encouraging the group to investigate the physicality and movement in their everyday activities, as well as the historic and modern physicality of the factory itself, to create a completely new dance performance.

Joined by four professional dancers and presented in two sections, this unique performance of dancing bakers ruminated on the modern shop floor, looked back to physicality of the factory in 1984, and was like nothing you’d ever seen before.

Ruth Jones is a contemporary choreographer and specialises in working with people in unusual spaces. Having choreographed large-scale parades with non-professionals and community groups she thrives on socially engaged work. You will also and her professional outdoor dance work touring festivals and events, connecting with and entertaining audiences who may not ordinarily have the opportunity to see dance in a theatre setting.

Independent, family-run, and grounded in operational and technical excellence, Cherrytree Bakery was founded in 1984 with just one product. Then came the Coffee Shop Revolution and through innovative spirit, investment and vision they are now the market leader in premium muffins and other cake products. Located in the heart of Lancashire, Cherrytree Bakery produce and distribute over 30 million treats a year to locations around the world.

It’s been a fantastic experience, both in terms of how our staff have personally benefited from Ruth’s knowledge, and been able to inspire an incredible art piece which is a real celebration of how our industry has evolved over time




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