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Of Earth and Sky

Lord Street Mall


Pelican Ridge


by Maz Hedgehog


They live in a house called
Pelican Ridge
Hidden in the side of a cliff
They are joy:
A star burst
Heart burst
Saving the sea
From itself.
Pelican Ridge is home
For the soft hearted
Broken hearted
Half hearted
Mermaids with
Small fins and
Weak gills who
Need a better song to sing.
They are copper-skinned
Sun warmed
Heart warm with
Long arms to hold
The whale maids
The ray maids
The shark maids
Who need a place
That won’t taste like tears
And plastic
It is safe here
In Pelican Ridge
Where the rough-faced
Foam-faced sea
Cannot hurt you.

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Address details:

Previous WH Smiths shop



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Twitter: @MazHedgehog

Instagram: @MazHedgehog



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