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Of Earth and Sky

Town Centre – King William Street



by Shagufta Iqbal 


In my world the buildings have disappeared,
they have been replaced by fields,
there are yellow flowers,
and just the one beacon of a lighthouse.
It is a world I share with my children.

Water cannot hold fish here,
sky cannot hold moon here,
horizon cannot hold fingertips of grass here.
This world is the size of a giant,
but it cannot hold the whole of our hearts.
Everything suspends with hope,
the absurdity of possibility.

When we walk it’s body once again,
we will walk knowing we have survived it all.
Separate as stars, but held together by a love
that spans the expanse of this universe’s singular breath.

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Outside Wilko in the Square



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Facebook: @ShaguftaKiqbalpoet

Twitter: @shaguftakiqbalpoet



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The National Festival Of Making Delivery Team

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