11th & 12th June 2022

The Big Reinvention Challenge!

The National Festival of Making has teamed up with Little Inventors to bring you The Big Reinvention Challenge! Rooted in the theme of sustainability, our challenge looks to use what we already have as a starting point to create something new.

About The Challenge

We believe that MAKING makes the world a better place, which is why we’re inviting all 7-12-year-olds to join our STEAM inspired challenge: We want you to think up new, fun or helpful ideas to save your old, unwanted things from going in the bin.

A selection of the most unique and inspiring ideas will be brought to life by professional makers and inventors! These will be exhibited at the National Festival of Making 2022, alongside a collection of designs submitted as part of The Big Reinvention Challenge.

What is a design based challenge?

We know that inventors work in many ways and that designs come in all shapes, sizes and formats! To make the challenge accessible to as many young people as possible, we welcome submissions in various formats alongside drawing, including but not limited to, written, spoken, transcribed, modelled or filmed descriptive invention ideas! Please email these invention ideas to info@festivalofmaking.co.uk or get in contact to discuss in more detail.

A young boy using a 3D drawing pen at the Festival of Making

A boy looking at an old fashioned printing press in action

Banner for the challenge saying 'The Big Reinvention Challenge'

Want to join the challenge? Click below to go to the challenge website where you’ll find the full information as well as free downloadable invention resources!

Key information:

– Open to 7-12 year olds nationally

– Closes 1st April 2022

– All submissions uploaded to the challenge will receive personal feedback 

– 3 of the most unique and inspiring invention ideas will be brought to life!


Anything is possible if we use a little bit of imagination!

To the right you can see Arthur’s invention idea, submitted to a past Little Inventors’ Challenge.

Arthur, age 8, combined his passion for gardening and physics to come up with his invention idea, The Super Grow 11000. Arthur’s amazing invention moves the plant back and forth along the window sill to follow the sunlight. This was then brought to life by a professional maker!

In Arthurs words –

Sick of your plant getting only half a day’s worth of sunlight? Well, with the Supergrow 11000, your plant will be able to grow twice as fast. It is built so that you place the growing plant on a moving platform which follows the sun throughout the day and therefore provides the plant with a whole day’s worth of sunlight. This invention is built for Monty Don and other gardening enthusiasts!”

A child's drawing of a flower in a plant pot on some train tracks

A real made version of the child's drawing showing a plant pot that moves along the train tracks

A boy and adult making something at the festival of making, surrounded by thread and felt

About the Collaboration

At the National Festival of Making we always put a big focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths) with an area of our festival every year dedicated to increasing access to, and encouraging children to try out, STEAM activities – whether that be workshops with real life engineers or giving young people the opportunity to have a go at 3D printing or bridge building.

We also believe that anyone can be a maker – whether you’re 1 year old or 100 years old, and that some of the best ideas come from the youngest and oldest minds.

We teamed up with Little Inventors because they understand the importance of these things, as well as championing many of the same things as we do – making, imagination, creative problem solving and out-of-the-box thinking. We wanted to create a challenge that would encourage us all to think a little bit more about how we can MAKE the world a better place using our creativity, and so The Big Reinvention Challenge was born!

Who are Little Inventors?

Little Inventors is a creative education organisation that inspires imagination by taking children’s amazing ideas seriously. 

Founded by artist and designer, Dominic Wilcox, Little Inventors supports families and educators to bring creativity into the home and the classroom, whilst also inviting professional makers and experts in a wide-range of fields to work with and inspire children. Little Inventors match creative skills development, resilience and confidence building and problem solving with the importance of being a responsible, planet-protecting citizen.

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