2024 Festival Dates: 6 & 7 July

Origami with Foldworks

Drop-in throughout the day to make your very own origami model using paper folding techniques. Come and make birds and other animals, boxes and even action models!

Even for absolute beginners and young children, most origami models can made in 5-10 minutes. Each model is carefully chosen for simplicity to get you started in the world of origami. Older children and adults can also make 2D and 3D geometric shapes using the modular origami technique. Join several folded sheets together without using any glue to make intriguing stars, action models and polyhedra.

Already have some experience of origami? Then try following printed instructions for more challenging origami models that might be new to you. All origami can be used for practical geometry but modular origami can develop problem-solving and spatial skills for the puzzle-like assembly of units.


Tung Ken Lam is an origami creator, author and qualified teacher. His modular creations including WXYZ and Jitterbug are known around the world as fine examples of original and economical folding. Diagrams (and more) are available at www.foldworks.net.

He makes all kinds of origami but favours geometric subjects as “realism” is not the main focus of geometric work: the focus is on the folding sequence (interesting, surprising and inevitable), efficiency (maximising the use of paper), effectiveness (final result) and elegance.




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